Useful Browser Add-ons for Software Testing

A beginner or Exprieced Software Tester will take care of testing part but during the time you have to speed up your work with accuracy and it’s provided by using small utility automation tool that helps you to increase your speed. it will help you to achieve your deadline and they Browser Add-ons.

If you are testing website or web application on browser there is some browse add-ons they will help us during software testing. I have written down top Addon and tool that will help you find more bugs and help you in software testing with accuracy.

Below are the list of very usefull browser add-ons that will help in software testing.

1. Nimbus Screenshot capture:

you can capture the screenshot of web browser screen you can choose a selective area or visible part of the area or full page. it is really very helpful to qa. when you find the issue and want to show to dev team take a screenshot by click on the addon. The best thing is you can upload clicked screenshot to nimbus cloud server and it will give a link to the image. no need to download or attache to dev just sent the link. if you want to download or copy you can do the same.

2. Awesome screenshot capture:

It’s alias of nimbus screenshot it will work same as nimbus it just another option for screenshot capture.

3. TechSmith Jing:

Jing for windows and ios user it’s application that based on your system os and it provides great functions for capture UI and record video. you have to create first-time signup and then will start. you can also capture images and videos and save to cloud server and share link to users.

4. Grammarly:

when you test a site and the content in English. we have to ensure correct spelling and correct grammar. Sometimes it gets length page can have too much content and if you have a task to test content for Spelling mistakes and English grammar.
I suggest you use Grammarly one time signup. open addon > choose new and copy and paste the content. it will work on HTML page when you type on a text editor. if the text is in simple read-only format copy-paste technique will work.

5. Edit This Cookie:

if you want to see current page cookie value or want to update, this addon will help you. it will provide add, update and delete cookie functionality on a web browser.

6. Google keep:

if you are in software testing or developing industry and you have server credentials and admin URLs of many projects and test user access or many things to remember sometimes we forget. The google keeps help you to save data on regular basis. it’s handy, create your note and save in google keep and will use when you need it and the google plugin will give you easy access.

7. Evernote:

Evernote is similar to Google keep, same you will create your note and save and will use when you need.

8. JSON Formatter:

During software testing and developing we deal with API and API will be REST API or SOAP API and response will be JSON. During API Testing we hit API URL in the browser and get JSON response but it hard to read. The JSON Formatter extension format the JSON data and user can read properly.

9. What Font:

When you are doing UI Software Testing and want to know the font size and Type. What Font will help you and you can find any text font in a web browser.

10. Broken Link Checker:

To Check Broken link of page Broken link checker addon will work perfectly and speedup QA Testing work. Green mark for a pass and red mark for fail.

11. Web Developer Checklist:

It will help you to find out any missing mistake that forgets from the developer site. Regarding performance, SEO, Device compatibility, OS compatibility.

12. Open Lorem:

During testing, we have to enter Loream text, it will save our time to open loream ispum website this addon on bringing open lorem text handy.

Conculsion: showing Browser addon they are very usefull in software testing and they come in Google chrome and Mozila firefox . if you need any browser addon just copy  the name of browser addon and paste in google with your browser name like. i.e. open lorem for firefox .

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